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Join a community of engaged, fun women pilots that share your passion for aviation!

Inspiring Women Pilots since 1929

THE NINETY-NINES, INC.®, is an international organization of licensed women pilots from 44 countries.

We here at the San Diego chapter invite you to come to join any of our public events and experience the passion, devotion, and love for aviation our members have.

The goals of the Ninety-Nines organization are:

✈ Friendship Through Flight

✈ Provide Flight Training Scholarships

✈ Provide Aviation Education in the Community

✈ Preserve the History of Women in Aviation

Supporting Women Pilots

The San Diego 99s support, encourage and mentor women who are current or aspiring recreational and professional pilots in the greater San Diego area.

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Student Pilots

Learn what it takes to become a Pilot

San Diego 99s Women Pilots Private & Pro Pilots

Private & Pro Pilots

The Ninety-Niners is for all Aviatrixes

San Diego 99s Women Pilots Fundraiser & Scholarships


Support for Women Pilots through grants

San Diego 99s

support, encourage, and mentor women who are current or aspiring recreational and professional pilots in the greater San Diego area.


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to support women in aviation. 
You even get to write it off as we are a non-profit. 


San Diego 99s are always looking for volunteers to help at fundraisers or other events.


take the San Diego 99s anywhere you go while supporting the chapter and looking stylish


are a fun way to engage our community and raise additional funds for our scholarships

San Diego 99s Women Pilots Get Involved

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What our members are saying

With the 99s I have found more than I could wish for: friendship, inspiration and a new strong point of reference. Together we create like-minded connections and opportunities.
Private Pilot - SD 99s Event Coordinator
"I love our San Diego Chapter for the incredible support and uplifting community of my fellow female aviators. "
San Diego 99s Women Pilots Crystal Testimonial
Commercial Pilot - Board Member
"The 99s San Diego chapter is full of women that make you feel at home - always welcoming, supportive, and encouraging."
San Diego 99s Women Pilots Yvonne Testimonial
Student Pilot - SD 99s Webdesign

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